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tv   News 13 at 430am  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mornin3 breaking overnight.. three winners will share the one point six billion dollar lottery jackpot. winning tickets were sold in california, florida and tennesee. in california, a crowd swarmed the store where one of the winning powerball tickets was sold. that store is a big winner as well. it will get one million dollars for selling a winning ticket. 3 3 good morning... it's thursday, january 14th. i'm holly headrick. and i'm jay siltzer and while there were no big winners in north carolina... two tickets sold in the state matched all five of the white balls... with the power play. that means those ticket holders will win two million dollars each. so far... officials have not said where those two tickets were sold. 3 3 3 nearly 300-million tickets were sold for last night's lottery... that's almost as many tickets as the number of
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mentioned at 3 the top of the newscast, there was a lot of excitement at that store in california where a winning ticket was sold. lauren lyster is live from chino hills california... where hundreds of people gathered . 3 3 nats 'can you 3 3 3 3 we're following breaking news in jakarta, least six people were killed in an attack in the center of the
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attackers were also killed. the blasts happened near a police station and shopping center. so far no group has claimed responsibility. 3 3 3 happening today... the man charged with a triple murder in asheville is expected to be in court. a probable cause hearing is scheduled for pierre griffin the second. he is accuseseof killing uhon johnson, alexandra king and tatianna diz in november. prosecutors have not said if they will seek the death penalty in the case.. griffin also faces larcey and armed robbery charges. 3 3 3 power is fully restored this morning to several areas in asheville after a fire at a duke energy substation. t tt fire happened at the substation on swannanoa river road yesterday afternoon. it knocked out power to several areas, including the shiloh community, oakley, biltmore village, and the asheville mall. about 100 customers in biltmore village were among the last to get their power back... at around one this morning. 3 3 families affected by a gas leak in henderson county are back in their homes this morning. it happened just off howard gap road near fletcher.
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neighbor reported the smell of gas around seven last night. firefighters on the scene evacuated three homes as a precaution. public service gas repaired the leak. no one was hurt. 3 3 the c-d-c says north carolina is one of only two states reporting wide-spread flu activity. that means at least half the regions in our state have seen a spike. even though flu season is getting a late start, health officials say the increase in cases means you need to be prepared. ((stop)) 3 14 33 26"widespread means it's ticking up so when you start seeing that trend going up, if you've not had your vaccine, you know it's one of those things that we highly recommend because it does take a couple weeks for it to really peak in your system. " at this time last year, north carolina had 26 flu deaths. so far, we have not had any reported flu-related deaths this season. 3 3 a north carolina environmental official says coal ash clean-up is putting an enormous strain on his
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assistant secretary with the department of environmental quality.. he says the new law requiring ash pond clean-ups across the state has pushed staff, quote: "to the absolute breaking point." the remarks are part of a status report on plans to close 32 coal ash basins... including the ones at the duke energy plant in skyland. 3 3 the "asheville design center" is looking for community groups that would like to tackle a building project. that includes a covered stairwell and outdoor classroom at the y-w-c-a. it was created as part of the "design-build studio." college students work with instructors on projects designed to maximize community benefit. ((stop)) 3 1303 "it's a perfect combination of the two, so we're able to deliver something of value to the community, while also delivering educational services to young students." 1311 the only thing you have to pay for are materials. design and construction is free. for information on who qualifies, go to wlo-dot com and click-on "news links". 3 3 3 happening today... the public will get its very first look
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center in asheville. the new "shiloh recreation center" is in the old "shiloh elementary school" building. last summer... the city got input from the community... to build a master plan for the center. and tonight... the city will reveal those concept drawings at a public meeting.. it is from six to eight at the shiloh center. comments can also be made online. just go to news links at wlos dot com. 3 3 the city of charlotte is showing support for the panthers as they get ready to take on the seattle seahawks. big banners that say "keep pounding" are being installed on seven construction cranes throughout uptown charlotte. the banners were sponsored by bank of america. the panthers take on the seahawks sunday at one o'clock. 3 3 3 fire hydrants are on every street in asheville, but can you count on them to work - when it matters most? a news 13 investigation looks into how many fire hydrants across the city are broken. we saw one example in december. a hydrant malfunctioned in north asheville while firefighters battled an apartment fire on merrimon avenue. so we wanted
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- and how many others failed inspections. 3 peter i never noticed tape on it, but the fact that it is out concerns me. tonight at six... investigative reporter jennifer emert looks through thousands of fire hydrant inspections. what she found out about the hydrants taken out of service.. and if the city is have trouble keeping up with the repairs. 3 3 3 multiple news agencies in italy.. report there's been an arrest in the case of an american woman killed in italy. 35-year-old artist ashley olsen was living in florence when she was found strangled to death in her apartment. police have not named the suspect, but say they were able to identify him from an image captured on closed- circuit surveillance footage. 3 california police release surveillance photos of a suspect in a fatal shooting near a train station in west oakland. authorities say a bald man in his late 20s to early 30s shot another rider saturday evening on a train headed for san francisco. witnesses say the gunman shot the victim multiple times then ran off. authorities say they are still having a hard time identifying the passenger who
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3 investigators say a school bus driver was at fault for this crash in hillsborough county, florida. at least 32 students were onboard when the bus crashed into an s-u-v. two kids on the bus and both people inside the s-u-v were taken to the hospital, but no serious injuries were reported. police ticketed the bus driver for failing to yield. 3 u-s border patrol officers in texas discover a huge drug shipment -hidden in a batch of fresh carrots. authorities say the drug smugglers were certainly creative in their attempt to smuggle narcotics into the u-s from mexico. but they were no match for the border patrol officers and their canine team. investigators found nearly three-thousand carrot-shaped marijuana packages hidden among the real things. the drugs have a street value of nearly half a million dollars. 3 3 3 it looks like jimmy fallon and seth meyers will stay with n-b-c for at least the next few years. how much their contracts are worth.
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3 time for this morning's see it, shoot it, send it, picture. this photo comes to us from jay strock. his dog, missy, tore up her stuffed animal. you can send us your pictures and video too. just log on to w-l-o-s dot com. or e-mail them to pics at w-l-o-s dot 3 3 the time is now 3 4:xx. a woman's interview on the news has instantly made her a viral sensation. you can catch the clip... coming up next. 3
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3 it's time for this morning's viral video... ad lib4.3 million com/watch?v=kiki_ttyzc41.1
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3 it's now 4:xx. 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 3 ted cruz is receiving an endorsement from a t-v show personality. who the mystery supporter is and why cruz approves.
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3 nearly 300-million tickets were sold for last night's lottery... that's almost as many tickets as the number of people in the u-s. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, there was a lot of excitement at that store in california where a winning ticket was sold. reid binion reports.
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3 north carolina schools are cashing in on the record powerball jackpot. buncombe county schools have received 58-million dollars since the inception of the 'north carolina education lottery.' the distribution helps cover costs of things... like school construction.((stop)) 3 12:27 ( ) "the money goes through our department of public instruction. a couple of years ago it helped fund teachers and teacher assistants. the current year they are estimating they are going to use it for substitute teachers, custodians, what we call non instructional personnel." glazener says the lottery revenue is modest, but appreciated by school districts across the state. 3 3 3 in this morning's the buzz, ted cruz is getting an extra boost from a t-v reality show
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dynasty" star phil robertson has endorsed the republican presidential candidate. the two are seen together in a cruz campaign video in which robertson explains his endorsement for the senator. cruz issued a statement saying he is thrilled to have phil's support. 3 it looks like jimmy fallon and seth meyers will stay with n-b-c for at least the next few years. seth meyers, the host of n-b-c's "late night," just signed a contract extension keeping him at the network through 20-21. the extension for meyers comes after fallon signed a similar contract extension for "the tonight show" in august. his contract also runs through 20-21. 3 the hilton family is about to get a little bigger! nicky hilton just announced she's pregnant with her first child - she and now-husband james rothchild married in july - the 32-year old heiress and fashion designer did say she wanted children but - quote - "not right away." 3 3
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3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 shaquille o-neal's son turns 16 and has a lavish party. the two gifts he received that
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< 3 it's 4:xx it's t-m-z time. jay, it was a close call for justin bieber. yeah, justin bieber almost got trampled by a pack of cyclists. the 16-person group was cruising in malibu when bieber stepped out in the path of bicyclists, forcing them to swerve out of the way. one of the bikers says he and his buddy were doing about 25-miles-per-hour when the biebs popped out in the street. according to t- m-z, they missed him by less than two-feet. no hard feelings between the celebrity and the group- they posed for a picture. looks like the official end of spice girls. several media outlets are reporting the entire group will be reuniting this year for a 20-th anniversary but
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be appearing with the group now or in the future. her rep says beckham is focused on her family and fashion business. mel-b, scary spice, has said she would not perform unless everyone is in. so it looks like a reunion might not happen afterall. we will just have to wait and see. and it was a lavish party for one basketball star's son. shaquille o'neal's son shareef turned 16 and had a party in los angeles. about 400-guests showed up where reef was presented with two cars- a blue lamborghini and a very fancy jeep. rap star "post malone" was there and among the guest, were diddy's sons. and for dessert, t-m-z reports, there was a massive "candy bar." but it's not all glitz and glammer for the kid. shareef plays high school basketball and is already being recruited by some of the best programs in the country. 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3 3 3 3 coming up in our next half hour... the latest on the record-breaking powerball lottery and where the winning
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